Why Do I Need A Volt Tattler?

Mom always said tattling was bad.

My station power supply failed. The output voltage went high and nearly damaged my main radio. I wanted something to warn me if my power supply voltage was significantly wrong. I didn't see any existing products that do that.

"But Volt Tattlers cost $25 and they are a kit. Is it really worth my time and money?"

The Volt Tattler watches DC voltage and alarms (makes a noise) whenever it detects that the voltage is wrong. If you are not watching your meters when voltage wanders, you have a problem. The kit is very easy, even for a beginner.

Volt Tattler can help prevent improper and even illegal operation.

It may even help SAVE YOUR EQUIPMENT.

"But power supplies provide both voltage and amperage. Why is voltage so important? Shouldn't I be monitoring current as well?"

Any electronic device operates best with the proper voltage and current supplied.


Most electronic devices expect to see a relatively constant DC voltage.

Current is controlled by the device as it needs power.

Some devices are simple, like a light bulb. Normally current goes to a level and stays about the same.

Other devices, like computers or amateur radios, can be much more complex. Though the voltage is normally expected to stay relatively constant, the current can vary widely.

Assuming that the DC voltage supplied is within an acceptable range, the device should perform well.

But if the voltage goes too high or too low, a device can operate improperly and even be damaged.

Many things can cause voltage to droop.

Your equipment may demand more current than the power supply can deliver.

The connections between your rig and the power supply may not be sufficiently robust.

A battery may be undersized or coming near depleation.


An example of overvoltage damage to a ham transceiver can be found at TRX Bench YouTube video.

Peter is very good at repairing electronic equipment and at showing his thought processes. His videos are very interesting.


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